Course Descriptions

French Program:

The course content develops the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing with emphasis on communication in the target language and technology integration. These courses also focus on cultural awareness of French & Francophone societies, and follow the 21st Century Themes and Skills as set forth by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL.)

French 1:

This is an introduction to the French language, with an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and phonetics at a novice level.

French 2:

Following a brief review of first year French, this a continued study of French grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and culture.  This course also focuses on audio-lingual development, allowing the student to become more proficient in oral communication.

French 3:

The third year of French begins with a brief review of second year structures, followed by the introduction and use of more complex concepts  including the subjunctive mood.  The focus is on developing formal written expression.

French 4:

This is a study of more advanced concepts and structures of the language, and a culmination of concepts studied in previous classes.  Students will have the opportunity to study civilization, history, geography, literature, art, and music of French & Francophone societies; in conjunction with current events, and contemporary issues which have been shaped from influential historical events in these countries.